1803 Philadelphia Street
Indiana, PA 15701
Phone: (724) 463-8378
Fax: (724) 465-4209
Northern Division
1200 River Avenue
Williamsport, PA 17701
Phone: (570) 321-9002
Fax: (570) 321-1957
Southern Division
1276 Bentleyville Road
Van Voorhis, PA 15366
Phone: (724) 258-8378
Fax: (724) 258-8376
Ohio Division
47443 National Road West, Suite 2
St. Clairsville, OH 43950
Phone: (740) 695-2522
Fax: (740) 695-1898

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ESL is a member of the Marcellus Shale Coalition.

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Who We Are:

Incorporated in 1988, Environmental Service Laboratories, Inc. (ESL) is an environmental testing laboratory that provides its clientele with a comprehensive range of analytical testing, consulting, and field sampling services. ESL's customers include natural gas drilling companies, industrial facilities, municipalities, engineering firms, local/state/federal government, and the general public. ESL is accredited to test drinking water, wastewater, soil, solid materials, natural gas, frozen dairy products, and meat.

The mission of ESL is to provide top quality and legally defensible analytical data in a timely and efficient manner to its customers. ESL's vision is to be recognized as a leader in achieving technical excellence and to be its customers' best resource. To this end, the management is dedicated to the encouragement of excellence in every aspect of ESL's operations. ESL strives to maintain the highest quality of service by routine training, keeping abreast of the latest technological advances, and updating analytical instrumentation on a regular basis.

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